The Birth of Woman (with nobody watching)Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man by Dali shows the birth of a new world and a new empire. In my painting The Birth of Woman (with nobody watching), I have made reference to Dali’s painting. What I am attempting to discuss in this painting is that the world in which we live is not respectful to ‘Mother Nature’ or to women. There was a time long ago when women were respected as counselors and life givers. For too long we have been second class citizens, our freedoms have been restricted, our art works not recognised and our fears not taken seriously.  ‘Nobody is watching’ as our planet is destroyed with war, toxins and the rape of it’s resources. A day will come when when there will be nothing left and only then will woman (mother nature) be born again. This age is now upon us. It is no longer about territories it is about the ‘Globe’. We are entering a new age… the Global Age.