I've got a big one! by Artista Eli, 2011
I’ve got a big one! by Artista Eli, 2011

My painting ‘I’ve got a big one!’ discusses the male (competitive) human condition. It was inspired by a little boy who loves Ferraris. The painting discusses mans relationship with sex, oil and technology. I had recently been reading about the life of the German American, Oil Magnate, John D. Rockefeller, whose greed for the control over the oil industry caused him to squeeze out his competitors using devious methods. One has to respect this man’s aptitude and genius in business and yet so many people suffered as a result. It got me thinking about the male human condition and the need for control over others via the control of important resources. Men are not judged for their looks or compassion, unlike women. They are judged on their position in society and how much money they have. The essence of the human condition, I believe, is to reproduce and pass on knowledge to the new generation to ensure its survival. Without oil (or another form of efficient fuel) and the progression of technology, mans’ survival is limited. We might survive for several generations but eventually we will need to move planets or face becoming the last of our species. It is this drive which fuels the space race and mans fight for survival, which causes wars and makes men viciously protect what they believe is theirs.  How strange it is, but ironically how unsurprising it is, that everything dear to the male race looks similar to a penis! In my painting there is a rocket, big red Ferrari, a plane, a spurting oil rig and a spurting oil pump. I’m sure both Sigmund Freud and Salvador Dali would have a lot to say about this aspect of the male psyche, hence the reason I chose to utilize a few of Dali’s methods of painting, making direct reference to his works about male relationships. I also chose to echo Dali for 2 other reasons. The first is that, yes, parts of Spain, in my local area, really do look like a Dali Painting and the second is relating to the painting called ‘Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man’. I did a painting a few years ago called ‘The Birth of Woman with Nobody Watching’ (see my previous posts on the meaning of this painting’. I guess together this painting and ‘I’ve got a big one!’ are the yin and yang of what life is all about. Everything in life has a cycle and a collision of opposites. Without destruction there cannot be creation. The problem with our race, however, is that this cycle needs to happen quick because of the relative shortness of our life spans. We want to see results within our own life time, instead of allowing for a gradual altruistic change to occur. The Arab Spring has seen protesters demand an immediate exit of their leaders. The leader (even a dictator) is a scapegoat for a wider problem within the societies of the world. Firstly everyone knows that if you kill a leader, then ‘another will be waiting to fill his shoes’. Secondly, is it not transparent that the counties that America and the west have invaded, in order to ‘liberate the people in the name of democracy’, are all oil rich? In Libya I remember reading that their oil is as cheap as our water. ‘Beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing’. The West are very kindly giving aid to the countries have been torn apart by war but no-one gives without expecting something in return (this, unfortunately, is human nature) and the percentage given is low, compared to what the givers have in comparison to those who are the receivers. Let us not forget that shiny, sharp dressed, charismatic America is an Empire and the biggest Super Power in the world. It has a wonderful idea about the creation of one world and, while I agree we are one and should be united, I have fears about how much power certain wealthy individuals hold, particularly over the Oil Industry. If America gains control of all of the worlds oil resources, then they also have control over the worlds transport system, the food supplies and ultimately us as individuals. Let’s face it, history has shown the genius and skills of Mr John D. Rockefeller to be quite capable of achieving this goal. Do you trust wealthy individuals not to monopolise the Oil Industry? I hope that if this does occur they will understand their great responsibility and not be so far removed from lives of the general public that they abuse their power. We are far too reliant on our governments to provide us with all we need to survive. What would happen if their support ceased? What would you eat? How would you travel? How would you defend yourself? How would your life be if oil ceased to be available?  You are living to Plan A, but have you ever considered your Plan B?

A ‘Big One’ love to you all!