Grief - Fear - The Battle - Artista Eli - 2012

Grief - Fear - The Battle - Artista Eli - 2012


Grief is a response to loss, which has already occurred, thus grief is one of the most difficult emotions to deal with. Losses can include:

Death of a loved one (including humans and animals)

The loss of a relationship

Loss of health

Traumatic experiences


Loss of a job

Loss of financial stability

Grief is a natural healthy emotion which one must progress though in order for the pain to disperse. The problem comes when we do not allow ourselves to move forward and become stuck with fear.

Elisabeth Kubler Ross produced a book, in 1969, called ‘On Death and Dying’ and it contained the five stages of grieving that we need to pass through in order to be ‘healed’. These are as follows:






This structure is now used my many professional counsellors to help people who are experiencing difficulties with grief, (other wise known as ‘complicated grief’)

Most people can have bereavement and pass naturally through the grieving process, however an estimated 10 to 15% of people do not cope well with this process, because of fears that block their path.

(I will be discussing this huge subject further in my book and will be making some additions to this post in the near future).