All of us, at some point in our lives, will be confronted with insecurity. Insecurity is the fear of failing at something.

Insecurity has a whole army of ugly, negative emotions. These include:

Self Doubt

Self Criticism

Mental Self Abuse

Physical Self Abuse





Insecurity is the little devil that sits on your shoulder and feeds your brain with negative thoughts. It might make you ‘say’ any of the following:

‘YOU can’t do that!

YOU are not good enough!

YOU are ugly!

YOU are weak!

YOU deserve to be treated badly

Everyone else is more beautiful/clever/talented/ than YOU!

Everyone is laughing at YOU!

No-one likes YOU!

You are a failure!

The world would be a better place if YOU didn’t exist!

Insecurity is a form of victim mentality. It steals self control from our lives, hands over that control over to others and fills our brains with fear. It is so bad it should carry a health warning:

‘Insecurity seriously damages your life’.

When we have insecurities, we  give out signals that we can be taken advantage of and this can result in being bullied or ripped off by nasty people. The reason that these nasty people take advantage is because they have insecurities themselves and their evil actions give them a sense of control and power, which they are lacking in other areas of their lives. It is quite common to find that younger brothers and sisters of older aggressive siblings go on to bully younger or weaker children.

When we are insecure, other areas of our lives also suffer. We might find the following things hard:

Getting a job

Finding a girlfriend/boyfriend

Making enough money to live comfortably and pay your bills without worrying

Making friends

Eating healthily

Using drugs and alcohol responsibly

Taking calculated risks

Getting a good education

Achieving your dreams

Loneliness can be a huge problem when we lack self esteem. Because we are not confident enough to socialise or make new friends, we can become detached from the world around us. This in turn, detaches us from opportunities which might improve our lives in other ways, like knowing about job opportunities, events that might brighten our lives, financial or practical help that we might be entitled to, etc. Loneliness in effect steals our knowledge and companion ship.

People with low self esteem, thus, often sabotage great opportunities which come their way and end up living dissatisfied, lonely, regretful lives.

In my painting I have depicted insecurity as a traditionally depicted ‘Beautiful woman’. We are all beautiful but sometimes we fail to see this, so we have surgery to correct our flaws, self harm to punish ourselves and relieve our mental pain through physically injuring ourselves, let eating disorders control our lives and bodies, financially ruin ourselves by buying products we don’t really need just to attempt to make ourselves look good…the list goes on and on. My character is cutting herself, with a sword, while she looks in the mirror. This is to symbolise the self criticism and self harm (verbal mental and physical) that I have been talking about in this section. She is standing on magazine pages to illustrate the way the media influences our opinions of ourselves by using manufactured fear.