Part of love includes having a love of the body. In order to keep the body healthy and happy it is important that we participate in enjoyable exercise. We all have our favourite type of exercise and dancing is featured here because it is my own favourite form of exercise. Part of the difficulty we have when we fear and become depressed, is that we stop being active. Being active can lift our spirits and pumps endorphins around out body, which stop us from feeling low. If we don’t break out of this stagnation, we just end up feeling worse and worse. Physical activity is a practical method we can use to overcome negative mentality and improve the health of our body.  Endorphins also act as analgesics so they also reduce the perception of pain. Exercise burns of harmful adrenalin and lessens the effects of stress and anger on the body. It can also boost our self esteem and improve sleep, making us feel more relaxed, but at the same time giving extra strength and energy when we need it. If you are not a big fan of traditional sports, consider the following alternatives:









Tai Chi

Twenty minutes of these types of exercise, taken three times a week, will make a huge difference to our physical and mental well being. Remember to ‘listen to what your body tells you’ and if something becomes painful, then get it checked out by a health specialist. Don’t forget to slowly build up your exercise schedule and to do some warm ups first. Joining an exercise class is a good way to start, as the instructor is there to advise you about the correct way to exercise without injuring yourself in the process. You will also improve your social circle and meet people with similar interests if you join a class.

I my painting I have featured a ballet dancer who is the main character out of the French Ballet created by Igor Stravinsky. The Firebird is both a blessing and a curse to it’s captor, just like exercise is for many people. The Firebird is also used in my painting to symbolise the awakening of the people to the false world in which we are living and the overthrowing of a repressive authority who has created an imaginary world. See for the story of this ballet.

One thing which relates to this idea and is a current example of this false world is the way that corporations have hijacked the Olympic games and won’t let visitors bring into the stadium, healthy product options from home. Participants in this event can be seen drinking products in advertisements, which we all know are unhealthy and yet hypocritically the the games are supposed to promote healthy living.