• Anna Quay- I'm Sorry -2012  - Acrylic on Canvas -30cm x 40cm

    Anna Quay- I'm Sorry -2012 - Acrylic on Canvas -30cm x 40cm

    Place of birth: South East London

  • Place of current residence: Derby
  • Where did you learn to be an artist? I am self taught. I’ve been painting since I was at primary school…But lately I have started painting due to boredom and having loads of time on my hands, after coming out of a long term relationship.
  • Which artists inspire you? Not one artist has inspired me. I look at all kinds of art and art work that catches my eye.
  • Describe your own art work: Other people have described some of my art as ‘POP ART’
  • Why do you make art? It stops me from thinking bad thoughts!
  • Which piece of your own art work do you like best? I haven’t produced a favourite piece yet.
  • Hobbies/ areas of interest (other than art): I write poems….I tried to learn bass…I dye my hair a lot too!