• Kari Seid - Rasta Kiss Reworked -2011- Oil and Oil Pastel on Canvas - 61 cm x 46cm

    Kari Seid - Rasta Kiss Reworked -2011- Oil and Oil Pastel on Canvas - 61 cm x 46cm

    Place of birth: Zimbabwe, then known as “Rhodesia”.

  • Place of current residence: Moved to South Africa during the “bush war” after the death of my father.
  • Where did you learn to be an artist? I started drawing in Zimbabwe as a child living in the bush, inspired and blessed, my father was an artist.  At this time private apprenticeship by Meta Orton, artist when we migrated to Durban, Umhlanga Rocks in Natal.  Since then, studied Fine Art and graduated in 1989 at Natal Technikon, Kwa Zulu Natal.
  • Which artists inspire you? Eric Fischl, the open, expansive gestures of the Neo-Expressionists, such as Susan Rothenberg and Helen Frankenthaler. Also Re-modernist painters, such as Ella Guru, Bill Lewis and Richard Cronborg
  • Describe your own art work: Neo Expressionist, Remodernist
  • Why do you make art? Painting pictures is a compulsion. The very process of applying paint to canvas is reason enough to paint. Standing back and seeing what lies there-in is inspiration enough!
  • Why do you think art is important?  Art is a reflection of the spirit of the times. Since Paleolithic days, the Shaman went to the cave to paint the hunt. His inner journey remains forever, upon the walls of the cave.  The story of the people lies within his brush marks.  His work was sacred and magical, seeped in symbolism, deep with meaning.  I believe the true artist is ‘the shaman” and we have a responsibility to our society to speak out, to express our emotions, thoughts and feeling of life around and within ourselves.
  • Which piece of your own art work do you like best? My favourite artwork is called, “The Awakening” and was painted during a time when my eyes were opened.  It symbolizes re-birth.
  • What is the worst piece of art work you have seen? I have never seen it in the flesh and never would! Damien Hirst’s Mother and Child Divided”, which comprises a cow and a calf cut in half and preserved in formaldehyde. Damien Hirst’s studio…is his macabre “art factory” complete with its own formaldehyde studio to convert slaughtered animals into lucrative artworks!
  • Hobbies/ areas of interest (other than art): Yoga, dancing, walking and my beautiful surrounding and nature are my passions
  • Favourite quote: “I have become more of what I truly am” Vincent van Gogh
  • Favourite colour: All the colours of the spectrum
  • Favourite poem: “Storm Blanket” by Bill Lewis
  • Favourite motivational quote: “The future is my canvas. Now I have to paint the right picture.”Written in 2012 by Bryan C. Tschuor…”never give up and good  luck will find you!”
  • How do you combat creative blocks? Have a beer, go for a walk in the forest and try again…  Some mind sketching helps too and drink another beer!   Then do it!