• Charles Thomson - Curled Up Woman 3 - 2011 - Acrylic on Canvas - 20 x 20 cm

    Charles Thomson - Curled Up Woman 3 - 2011 - Acrylic on Canvas - 20 x 20 cm

    Place of birth: Romford, part of Greater London, U.K

  • Place of current residence: East Finchley (North London), U.K.
  • Where did you learn to be an artist? I studied at Foundation Art for two years, then Maidstone College of Art for four years (including a year off), where I was the first person to fail the painting degree in ten years. I learnt to be an artist by making art.
  • Which artists inspire you? Van Gogh, Max Beckmann, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Die Brucke, Matisse, Picasso
  • Describe your own art work: Physically it is “cartoon” like and figurative with black outlines and flat areas of colour.  I see this as the best way to express a resolution of physical, emotional and spiritual.
  • Why do you make art? Because I like to. Life is better with it than without it. I have a need. Like I do for food, but on a different level.
  • Why do you think art is important? Same way that food is for the body, art is for the soul.
  • Which piece of your own art work do you like best?  Possibly “Sir Nicholas Serota Makes an Acquisitions Decision”, but this is helped by the fact that it has had a lot of publicity and I have a lot of press cutting with it in.
  • What is the worst piece of art work you have seen? If we are talking about prominent art works, then it has to be Damien Hirst’s shark in a tank of formaldehyde.  Why? – because it does not fulfil the claims made for it. It is just a shark in a tank. That’s all.
  • Hobbies/ areas of interest (other than art): I am interested in spiritual and the esoteric, such as astrology and Kabbalah, also psychology, military history, and currently games and their rules.
  • Favourite quote: “Artists who don’t paint aren’t artists” – from the Stuckists manifesto co-written by Billy Childish and myself. It’s funny, because people get provoked by it and then misquote it as “If you don’t paint you’re not an artist” – which is not what it says. It is actually a logical contradiction.
  • Favourite colour: Colours have to be seen in context.  Maybe turquoise if I had to choose.
  • Favourite poem: “If“ by Rudyard Kipling
  • Favourite motivational quote: “Success to the Stuckist is to get out of bed in the morning and paint.” Again from the Stuckists manifesto. But in my case, adapted to simply “Success is to get out of bed in the morning” (I’m often up all night.)
  • How do you combat creative blocks?  I do something else instead. There is always some point where the energy focuses – even sometimes to just flop out.