• Aydin Chali - Still Life -  2010 - Oil on Canvas - 60cm x 70cm.

    Aydin Chali - Still Life - 2010 - Oil on Canvas - 60cm x 70cm.

    Place of birth: Tehran.

  • Place of current residence: Karaj
  • Where did you learn to be an artist? I studied B.A painting at Sooreh university
  • Which artists inspire you? Francisco de Goya
  • Describe your own art work: I work with limitations. I like simple subjects and I don’t emphasize on anything.
  • Why do you make art? I feel its part of life and I need it.
  • Why do you think art is important?  It gives meaning to life.
  • Which piece of your own art work do you like best? Its still-life painting that is about things around me.
  • What is the worst piece of art work you have seen? It’s a performance by Damien Hirst because it’s just too shallow.
  • Hobbies/ areas of interest (other than art): Exercise and walking.
  • Favourite colour: Blue
  • Favourite poem: “Smashing the opponent” by Infected Mushroom.
  • Favourite motivational quote: Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but  in rising every time we fall.
  • How do you combat creative blocks?  Search around in other areas of art like cinema and music