The Struggle – Artista Eli – 2013

I thought I would experiment with a simpler, graffiti style when I produced this piece called ‘The Struggle’. I wanted to make a universal statement about how we all struggle through our lives and how, when we are just managing to reach a safe place, some other obstacle comes along and gets in our way. I chose the fox as a homage to the work, lectures and writings of Bill Lewis (of whom I am a huge fan). I like what he has said about the traditions of the fox as the trickster and so decided to add a fox, to show how difficult  the unexpected events of our life can be, (like war, death, unemployment, illness, e.t.c,). We really can not predict these events and yet we have to be strong and persistent, when they arrive. My nude is strong in physic and yet is nude, signifying her vulnerability. There are, within the painting – many things that might help her, but she cannot immediately see them as they are hidden. It will take time and imagination to find these things, just as it takes time and imagination to deal with tragic live events.