Artista Eli – One Love Tree – 2015 – Acrylic on Canvas – 92 x 73 com



This was my main piece of artwork for the One Love exhibition. It is based on the Native American “Warriors of the Rainbow” Hopi prophecies.  These are prophecies concerning ecology, peace and love. To read more about this see various links on the internet, such as:

There is also a children’s version:

I will be explaining more about this soon.

My painting also shows how important the tree has been to the arts and creativity. Without the tree, we would not have woodwind and string instruments to play, we would not have paper on which to write our literature, poems and thoughts,  and we would not have charcoal, wooden painting brushes or canvas stretcher bars.

To me, the tree is spiritual. We must look after the ones we have and replace the ones we use because they are a creative gift to us as artists.