• khar


    Place of Birth: Tehran, Iran

  • Place of current residence: Tehran, Iran
  • Where did you learn to be an artist? I got BA in painting from Soureh Institute of Art, Tehran.
  • Which artists inspire you? For me the whole history of art as a human experience has been inspiring.
  • Describe your own art work: My art is my own result of creating a parallel world to reality and seeking for an answer for my limitations and justice.
  • Why do you make art? I have got 2 short hands and I want to hug the whole world with it…that is what I need art for. Without art I feel small and useless.
  • Why do you think art is important?  Art is the only act of human which has left him no regret in history and this achievement could be taken more seriously in our lives.
  • Which piece of your own art work do you like best?  I hope to produce it in future.
  • Hobbies/ areas of interest (other than art): Communicating with people.
  • Favourite colour: I love all of them.
  • Favourite poem: ‘Poems by Khayam.
  • Favourite motivational quote: Make it or break it.
  • How do you combat creative blocks? I try to recollect my mind and stick to the basic facts.