6am – Artista Eli

My work combines my interests in the human condition, ecology, science and philosophical opposition  theories. Opposite forces are the primal forces of existence. In order to translate this into art, I examine and utilise the points where these opposing forces meet. This is the point of collision and change from being one thing to becoming another. This can be done using opposites of the elements of art such as line, tone, colour, texture, shape and space. The points where opposites meet produce energy and energy produces life.

Orphic cubism, Dali, the Pre-Raphaelites, Klimt and Graffiti Art all influence my work. I love leaving clues relating to other artworks. My art can be read on several different levels according to the knowledge of the viewer. I enjoy painting figuratively the most but have produced work from all genres. Music is a common theme in many of my works, as I am surrounded by musicians in my everyday life.

Founder of the Malaga Stuckist Group.