Personal Details

Name: Artista Eli


Email: artistaelishaw(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Date of Birth: 16/10/1969

Place of Birth: Portsmouth

Nationality: British

Country of Residence: Spain

Special Links: Wales

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Twitter: Artista Eli

Website Designer: Chas Shaw, Cardiff Web Design,


  • 1992 and 1092 – Christmas Open Exhibitions, (contributor), Circle Gallery, Pontypridd, Wales, U.K
  • 1993 –  Disintegration and Transition, (joint exhibition) Circle Gallery, Pontypridd, Wales, U.K
Disintegration and Transition

Disintegration and Transition


  • 1998 – Bell Centre/WEA Art and Craft Exhibition, (curator) Blaenllechau, Wales, U.K.
  • 2010 – In Company Exhibition, (solo exhibition) Anstiss Investments, Malaga, Spain
  • 2010 – Rolling Art Exhibition,  (contributor and curator) Cafe Chani, Malaga, Spain
  • 2011 – The Enemies of Art, (contributor) Lauderdale House, High Gate, London. England, U.K
The Enemies of Art

The Enemies of Art

Advertisement on the Stuckism Website ( by Charles Thomson

  • 2012 – Remodernist Artists Against Rubbish, (contributor and curator), Bar Shiraz, Marbella, Spain
Remodernist Artists Against Rubbish

Remodernist Artists Against Rubbish

Poster design by Artista Eli

  • 2012 – First Stuckist Tarot Exhibition, (contributor) Islington Arts Factory, London. England, U.K.

Tarot Exhibition

Poster design by Paul Harvey

  • 2013 – Stuck on the Cross, (contributor)  The Tabernacle Gallery, Notting Hill, London, U.K, England, U.K
'Stuck on the Cross' Chris Yates Stuckist, Exhibition, London

‘Stuck on the Cross’ Chris Yates Stuckist, Exhibition, London

Poster design by Chris Yates

  • 2013 – Painters out of Order, (contributor) Day Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Painters Out of Order poster by Dan Mayze

Poster by Dan Mayze

  • 2014 – Explorers and Inventors, (contributor), The Trunk Space, Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A



2014 – Stuck in a Jewel, (contributor) Nucleus Arts, Chatham, Kent, England, U.K.

Stuck in a Jewel

Stuck in a Jewel

Poster design by Chris Yates

  • 2015 – One Love/Un Amor Exhibition, (contributor and curator), Festival Arte Sano X, San Pedro Alcántara, Andalusia, Spain
One Love/Un Amor

One Love/Un Amor

Poster design by Artista Eli

Bibliography/other projects

  • Revelations of Revolution, (Writer and contributor), Artista Eli, Artiscape Magazine, January 2012


  • La Chispa, Magazine Cover, Issue 57, October 2011,(Contributor)


  • Stuckism (A conversation) Octavian Esanu, Art Margins February 2013 Volume 2, no.1 9 (Contributor)


  • The Enemies of Art: The Stuckists, Charles Thomson, Victoria Press, 2011,(Contributor)
The Enemies of Art

The Enemies of Art: The Stuckists

  • Stuckism Article, Lifestyle, The Sur in English, page 24, Ash Bolton, 13/07/2012(Contributor)
The Sur in English

The Sur in English


  • Daxi Tales Logo Design,
Daxi Tales Logo

Daxi Tales Logo


  • Tales from the Salon Fabula, Book Project, U.K, June 2014, (Contributor)!talesfromsalonfabula/cn3k

Artista Eli - The Creative Woman (For Tales from The Salon Fabula) 2014

Artista Eli – The Creative Woman (For Tales from The Salon Fabula) 2014

  • Exhibitions Un Amor, The Remodern Review, Richard Bledsoe, July 2015, (Contributor)


  • 1989 – 1990, Winchester School of Art, National Diploma in Art and Design
  • 1990 – 1993, University of Wales Institute Cardiff, Fine Art (BA Hons)
  • 1995 – 1996, University of Wales Institute Cardiff, Art and Design (P.G.C.E)
  • 2015 – Malaga Lenguas, Trinity Cert.TESOL Certification

Teaching Experience

Artista Eli has teaching experience in the following areas:

  • Art and Design Foundation Course Lecturer/Tutor
  • A level and IGCSE and GCSE in Art and Design Teacher
  • Interior Design Tutor
  • Arts and Crafts Tutor
  • Artist in Residence
  • Youthworker
  • Playworker,
  • Museum Lecturer/Tutor
  • Community Education Tutor/C.E.O
  • Education Course Writer

If you require further information, please contact Artista Eli for full details of her C.V.